In 1998, Oliver Ludwik and Matthias Belz struck independently of each other on essentially the same idea, to create a listing of Giger's works. While Matthias Belz initially only created a pen on paper list, Oliver Ludwik created a database which he made available on his website

Inspired by this, Matthias Belz began in 2003 to create a listing of all Giger works in book form, and used the data from the LittleGiger page as starting point (1000 works with 750 pictures). This data set was revised strongly in the time to come: All pictures were replaced with images in a higher resolution, data was completed and new works added. At the end of 2003, Matthias Belz joined forces with Marco Witzig, who as a collector and art dealer had already gathered an extensive knowledge of Giger and his art.

In the following years, the quality was improved further, e.g. by obtaining better images. Marco Witzig visited many collectors and photographed their paintings. Matthias Belz scanned a great deal of drawings and sketches and also a lot of transparencies from Giger's archive. New works were added to the catalog continuously, many of them unknown and so far unpublished. Altogether, more than 5000 works were identified in the course of the work on the catalog.